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Björn SM0EWM's Ham Radio Page

Here you are and I'm glad that you stopped by.

I got my license in 1969. Had to restrict myself to CW for one year until a got my "A-license" (highest Swedish license at that time). So, 1970 was my most active year with 4000 contacts with 200 countries. My XYL, SM0FI, got her license a couple of month later.
Since 1970 my activity has slowly declined down to 50 SW contacts in 1995 (don't count 2 m FM contacts). But I have had a lot of fun of hamradio during the years.
My main interest has been DX and I have worked most (all?) countries. I have been to lazy to apply for DXCC but have all confirmed. (no, I just saw that I have not sent for the BS7H card. More cards missing? Time to check it up! Yes, North Korea, and more?)
Like 20 m best. Had some fun on 10 FM a few years ago when I bought an ICOM IC-735. No good location for 40 and 80 m but get through sometimes, e.g. Burma on 40, Easter island on 80.

1987 I bought i Mercedes Van and operated mobile around in Europe on vacations (LA, OH0, OZ, DL, ON, PA, LX, F, 3A, EA, I, C3, OE, HB9, YU, HA). Use to try to bring a rig on other foreign trips also so have operated from EA8, 4S7 (2:nd op), SV9, CT, G, GJ, GM, VE2 and W. I now have the small ICOM IC-706 which will be easier to bring (but I am getting lazier so we will see).

Antennas: After having 2, 3, 4 el Quads, 5 el 20 m monobander I now just have a TH5DX from High Gain up 16 m, a Telrex without reflector up 15 m and dipoles on 40/80 m. The om is getting old and there is a lot more fun things to do.

Pictures from my spring-97 travels (ZS1 and W6)

Pictures of some of the Huddinge hams

Pictures from a local DX-meeting at Rune SM0COP May 28, 1998 visited by Tom, K8XP

My hamradiolinks

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telrex1.jpg (35489 bytes)
My Telrex 3 el 3-bander

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