Streaming Video tests

Wedding, UAE

Tejano music from Texas

Longer test (1.50 min) Streaming Video

Longer test (3 min) Streaming Video

Creative way of fishing in Corpus Cristi
300 Kbps

from the Navajo State Fair
in Tuba City, UT

for 56 k modem with ActiveX player
(works onlu with the old player)

The same as above, but for 200 Kbps
with external Real Player

New test with Win Media 9, ham2.wvx

Ongoing tests not finalized

Test with Windows Media Technologies.

To stream you need to files: The videofile, .ASF (now WMV (Windows Media Video)) and an ASX file (now WVX (Windows Media Redirector))
1) Captured video with CIF (352*288), 25 fps, high MJPEG quality. Audio: 44100 Hz, 16 bits mono.
2) Decoded with:
Audio codec Windows media Audio V2
Audio format: 32 kbps 44 kHz mono
video codec MS MPEG4 V3. CIF 18 fps, Image quality 50. Streaming file:  capture7.asx
    capture6.asx     capture10.asx
Example of a .ASX (WVX) file
<ASX version="3">
<ref HREF=""/>

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